Being born a Gemini, I have many interests. They say most Gemini’s cannot make up their minds when choosing a career path. Through out my early childhood, I thought it would be cool to be an Astronaut. Well, That idea got shot into space. Next I had a passion for hiking and meteorology. That led to my passion to work on the summit of Mount Washington. I began hiking Mount Washington at the age of 12, and have been hiking every summer since. I applied for several internships at the Weather Observatory on the summit, but…that dream never got any elevation. My family thought I was weird, because as a Gemini I they thought I had a split personality, or a twin out there somewhere. It is tough being a Gemini in this world. Try telling a potential employer that you have a huge career gap because you are a Gemini. That won’t go over very well. It is better than trying to tell them my dog ate part of my Resume. “Why such a huge gap Mr. Weiss?” ” I am a Gemini.” “Awesome so am I and You Got the job.” Then I woke up. As I got older and into my late 40’s, I decided I don’t want to be a Gemini anymore and find one career to suit my one passion. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have a strong medical background. I love children and medicine so, I thought Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I enrolled here at PSU and chose the Interdisciplinary Studies program as my major. I am taking the proper classes to satisfy my Prerequisites to apply to a graduate school. I am considering Simmons College in Boston for their Direct Entry MSN program. The program is 2-3 years and I would have my masters in nursing. Hold on my other Gemini personality is kicking in and saying “Hey what about your passion for Forensics?” Just when I thought it was safe to go into medicine, or is it “We are going to need a bigger boat.” Really, I do have a love for forensics and it is my fall back career if the nursing does not pan out. I would most likely move to Las Vegas and work for the Las Vegas Metro Police dept. and be a Crime Scene Analyst I and do latent print work. Lastly is this all a dream or, is it because Joel is a crazy Gemini? At least I am in good company with another famous Gemini, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.

The End, or is it?

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