College now and Then

I read the articles entitled “Brainology and “The Struggle is real”.

I can remember the first time I entered a college campus back in 1979. It was called a junior college back then, and it was in Rhode Island.  It was called Rhode Island Junior College. Some kids in the area referred to it as REJECT. If  you attended a junior college, you were considered a reject, especially if you attended this college. We did not have the internet or laptops to do our homework. It was a struggle to have to go to the library, find theWorldbook Encyclopedia and try to find the subject you needed for your report. It was like back in grade school where if you needed a report on Egypt, you had to send a letter to the local embassy in New York and wait for the mail. That of course took quite some time. I had to type my report on an old heavy manual typewriter. All this was a real struggle back in the late 70’s.  

I think students of today have it easier with smartphones, tablets and computers to do homework.  Even with voice command apps on their smartphones is a technology that says WOW! to me. If I needed to record a lecture in grade school, I would have had to carry a huge bulky reel-to reel tape deck. Try carrying that in a backpack. 

Back to the two articles. As I was saying about how our brains seem to change as we get older.  I know as I get older, I sometimes find it hard to maintain the information presented by the professor or instructor. If I was fresh out of High School, maybe yes. Since I came back to college at age 60, I am grateful for getting the accessibility services provided by the PSU campus Accessibility office. I have a useful tool called Livescibe, a smart pen that records the entire lecture. I can upload the notes and see them in a PDF form on my laptop. Where was this tool when I was struggling in the 4th grade?  I do maintain information on a subject I am deeply interested in. I love Forensics and already have an A in the course.  I can memorize forensic science with ease. As for the Anatomy and Physiology lab, I have little interest, so my grade is lower. They say it may be due to what they call a brain fart? I do worry about things like dementia and Alzheimer’s. What if I am in class and suddenly, I forget where I am?  I hope not LOL.  Failing quizzes, exams, Final exams is something I did not have to worry about with distance learning. Everything was open book but, the exams were timed. So,  I had to quickly google a question as the timer was ticking.  This was when I took Anatomy and Physiology I online at SNHU.  

In conclusion, I do believe our brains change as we get older and harder to maintain information unlike the younger generation. I think I rather sit at my laptop and write a dark comedy screenplay.

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