Joel Weiss


My passion to become a Nurse Practitioner all started when my mother who was a RN let me thumb through her medical books.  Something sparked inside of me and I knew right then and there I wanted to become a medical doctor. My mother trained as a RN in New York in the 1930’s and was top of her graduating class. When she turned 53, she decided to obtain her BSN. It took her seven years to complete it. If she could do it at 53, I can certainly do it at age 59. I was fascinated by her work and taking care of her patients really inspired me to this career choice. It wasn’t until 2014, when I went back to college to attend online classes at Southern New Hampshire University. I began working on my bachelor’s degree in health Promotion.

Reflecting, growing up I had a severe learning disability. I could not learn math, or science. I had to have tutors to help me pass most of my subjects. I was told by my Guidance Counselor, that with my math and science skills, I would never be able to attend any medical school. This really inspired me to overcome these disabilities.   I never thought I would attend any college. I pushed myself to learn math and science. I started out learning pre-algebra and found that I could understand the math. Then everything came to a holt. In 2012, I was living in Fryeburg; Maine and my life was a happy one. I had a good job, a beautiful home.  Then one evening my whole world was in shambles. I was a victim of Domestic abuse, and now a seven-year survivor.

In 2014, I was looking for that one trade that would satisfy my needs and be rewarding at the same time.  My family suggested Medical Coding and Billing as a career. After obtaining my diploma in Medical Coding and Billing, I could not find any work.

The hospital in North Conway, NH was offering LNA classes received my diploma and eight weeks later, I was a Licensed Nursing Assistant Two months later I was hired by a Nursing home. A co-worker was an EMT and told me you should become an EMT. I took some time off and attended SOLO Wilderness Medicine in Conway, New Hampshire.   I graduated and being an avid hiker, I decided to just get the Wilderness First Responder certification.  This would all help me become a better doctor.  I have a passion to help others and I want to follow in the footsteps of my mother and my sister. They both inspired me to get into the medical field.  I love medicine and Plymouth State University was my choice for  Premedical studies program and continue my studies and become a Nurse Practitioner. My passion is to become an Orthopedic NP and help heal those wild skiers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My second passion is Forensics. If I cannot become a NP, the becoming a Latent Print Examiner or Crime Scene Analyst I, is my fall back career. I would probably move to Las Vegas and work in their crime lab.

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