IDS Self-Evaluation

IDS has been a long and extraordinary learning experience for me this semester. Taking Intro to Interdisciplinary studies has taught me one great tool, creating an e-port to self reflect on the course throughout the semester. Social media was one thing I learned to self promote myself and to explore other disciplines within my chosen major. Marketing myself on my chosen social media, LinkedIn, has been a lesson on what is out there in the job market for someone like me who has his heart set on becoming a Nurse Practitioner in the not so distant future.

I can take these tools, e-port, social media, and implement them into my future courses here at PSU. I can integrate these future courses into my future work as a potential NP. I can continue to develop these skills into life. It doesn’t matter if I continue my education, these skills will be useful in life. I would use them to inspire other students taking IDS as a major and hope they can also take these skill and build a better future for themselves.

I could take my e-port and integrate my other classes into posts about how these classes are improving my skills as an IDS student. This whole semester has been a learning experience for me. Matt, Martha, Robin and Hannah have been a great help to me. They were very helpful in the planning of my contract. I can take the necessary courses to fulfill my major. I learned that making a contract for my major was a very successful tool I learned. I never knew that it existed until I changed my major to IDS. Before choosing IDS, my major was Allied Health and was not the right path for me to get into Graduate school as take a direct entry MSN program. IDS and the contract made my major more clear and not so scattered when In was in Allied Health.

In my future classes I plan to continue to use my E-port and put information about my assignments and tips on how to get through the class, especially if it is a class I have knowledge in and can help the students in the class have access to my expertise in the subject. For example, Anatomy and Physiology II, since I have prior knowledge in that subject, I can post practice exams and other information they might want to learn. Once I finish my undergraduate work here at PSU, I will take these skills to graduate school and share my skills with other students. Once I get into the workforce, I plan to use these skills to to maybe create my own web page or website to discuss how IDS made my education a more smoother ride then if I had stuck with Allied Health. I know I did not want to get into areas like sports medicine or physical therapy. I discussed this with other faculty members and was advised to switch my major to IDS. It was a smart move and I am glad I did.

I am looking forward to the senior seminar in my senior year. This introductory class has taught me one important lesson, never give up on your dreams. As I reflect back to the beginning of this class, I have seen myself grow as a person and a student. I hope my other future classes are as inspiring as this one. As a student, I will continue to grow and hopefully surprise myself as to how well I can do as a IDS major.

Thanks for the inspiration.


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