Hollywood, Or Bust

Joel Weiss

What am I doing at the moment? Trying to figure out my future plans for a career. I recently attended the Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence. I had the pleasure of meeting actor by the name of Anthony Michael Hall, from the hit movie “Vacation”. I discovered that Anthony is currently working on writing a screenplay. Funny I am working on a screenplay as well. We were discussing different script writing software programs. I mentioned the software program I use and, he said he would check it out. I said it was better than what he was currently using to write screenplays. I was able to speak with him for a good twenty minutes. We discussed his movies “Vacation” and “Weird Science“. I was inspired to keep writing movie scripts based on our conversation. I was thinking after we were done talking, should I still pursue a career as a NP, or screenwriter? DO I want to move to the west coast or, NYC? I also spoke with the actress from “Vacation“, Dana Barron. She played Audrey in the hit movie. I impressed her as well when I told her I was a local screenwriter. She told me she never saw the other Vacation movies. The Director of the original film did not want Dana to be in the movie “European Vacation”. This is why Audrey is a different actress. Dana refuses to this day to never watch the other films in the series. I don’t blame her.

Now I am torn between finishing my Bachelor of Science , or do I go to either NYC, or LA, and get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in screenwriting? I am somewhat disappointed at some of the instructors at my local university. I needed one particular prerequisite, a nursing Microbiology class to complete my prerequisites for a masters in nursing program in Massachusetts. I have always had a passion for screenwriting since the early 1980’s. On the other end of the Totem pole I have a passion for the medical field. I would say it is easier to write a screenplay then it is to remember all the facial bones on the human skull, or which stage of mitosis a cell is in. Although, creating a character and story line out of thin air is a feat within itself. I don’t know if I am wasting my time here at PSU studying pre-medical, or do I keep neglecting my three screenplays? So the question is… is it going to be Hollywood, or Bust? I will let you the reader decide.

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